Affordable Mulching Services In Melbourne

If you are someone who loves your garden and takes care of it systematically, you will also know how important it is to keep the soil balanced with nutrients. Mulching around trees helps in soil conservation by facilitating proper moisture retention along with an adequate supply of valuable nutrients. Given the specification of your landscape, professional tree mulching experts, also known as arborists, can offer advice on how mulching can benefit your property. Tree Kings is among the top tree mulching services contractors in Melbourne. We strive to make your landscape visually appealing and maintain your soil vitality and fertility.

Soil fertility must be preserved along with its visual appeal. At Tree Kings, we provide tree mulching services that help your landscape get rid of weeds, improve soil fertility, and also mitigate the risks of soil erosion. Our expert arborists and tree surgeons ensure an optimal temperature of the soil and use effective strategies to retain moisture and nutrients in the soil while offering end-to-end assistance in mulching services. With experienced specialists and the latest technology, we offer clients affordable tree mulching services in Melbourne.

Mulching Services In Melbourne

Why Is Mulching Important?

Mulching is an effective strategy for maintaining your garden as it aids in preserving soil moisture and nutrient retention. This is achieved by breaking down the land, clearing waste, including plant matter, hay, wood pieces, etc., using equipment called chippers. Expert tree mulching arborists at Tree Kings are well-trained and equipped to provide quality mulching services in Melbourne.

Here are some reasons that mulching services are beneficial for your landscape:

  • Soil moisture conservation: Mulching has become an essential part of soil conservation. Moreover, tree mulching is an ideal water conservation technique in rain-fed cropping techniques. Under our tree mulching services, we control weeds’ potential growth and maintain the soil moisture and temperature. At Tree Kings, our expert arborists perform procedures during the mulching process that significantly reduces the use of herbicides and other dangerous chemical fertilizers to help retain soil health.
  • Prevention of soil erosion: Soil moisture is always on the higher side under trees than in open landscapes. Soil erosion is a natural phenomenon. However, agricultural practices increase soil erosion beyond the natural level, leading to potential soil damage. The rate at which soil erosion occurs primarily depends on the landscape’s vegetative cover. The lesser the vegetation, the more difficult it becomes to prevent erosion and thereby, the soil starts to crumble. Bare soil is unprotected from wind, storms, and rainfall. Our tree surgeons provide vital soil protection against erosion, preventing storms and rain from adversely impacting the landscape.
  • Reduction of weed growth: At Tree Kings, we layer the soil with a thick layer of mulch which inhibits weed growth. As the mulch layer restrains light from reaching seeds of weeds required to germinate, it is difficult for weeds to grow.
  • Supply of extra nutrients to the soil: As tree mulch breaks down, it adds more organic matter to the earth. This improves the soil’s moisture levels and nutrient-holding capacity, and structure. Moreover, it also enhances the activity of beneficial soil organisms. At Tree Kings, we ensure that our tree mulching procedures provide the maximum supply of extra nutrients to the soil.
  • Effective control of pests: Tree mulching facilitates the growth of organisms and animals who positively contribute to soil health. Increased activity of such organisms leads to a decline in the pest population.
  • Encouraging the growth of earthworms to promote natural soil health: Tree mulches provide food vital for earthworm survival. Earthworms tunnel deep into the soil, which facilitates air and water to reach plant roots easily. When earthworms consume mulch and soil, they produce castings that are rich in minerals. As they eat microbes such as fungi, bacteria, etc., which are plant pathogens, these earthworms also tend to improve the growth of beneficial microbes. At Tree Kings, our specialist tree surgeons use effective techniques to encourage the development of these earthworms to promote better soil health.


Any quality material that can be spread over the surface of the soil as a covering to prevent weed growth and enhance soil health by supplying nutrients is mulch.

The leftover debris collected after we fell trees and prune branches and cut-off figs from the trees and stumps is the primary content in mulch.

Yes, the mulch can be used right away. High-quality, fresh mulch can keep the soil healthy. If the mulch is created in your landscape, it will be fresher and thus more potent. At Tree Kings, we ensure that the tree mulch we provide for your landscape is fresh, supplying extra nutrients to the soil.

Mulching is essential to maintain a consistent moisture level and temperature level of the soil. Tree Kings provide tree mulching services that keep the moisture and temperature at appropriate levels by providing quality mulch that can enhance your garden’s soil quality.

Tree Kings delivers mulch to all parts of Melbourne. With a team of well-qualified professionals, we strive to make the fresh mulch available to our clients across Melbourne.

There will be a significant amount of water run-off from the garden during rains or gardening. Mulching reduces the amount of water required to keep the plants in your garden thriving. This also reduces the water bill.

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