Affordable Palm Tree Removal Service in Melbourne

Palm trees add charm to a garden when they are all green and healthy. But as they start dying, the fronds turn bl. A palm tree’s dead fronds must be removed faster to avoid damage to the property.

Damaged or old palms can ruin their surroundings unless they are properly maintained and regularly trimmed. At Tree Kings, we understand how crucial it is to keep them healthy and maintained with timely pruning.

Palm tree care is not a DIY task. It needs experience and skill to take care of them. Any wrong step can lead to an accident. Also, a wrong cut while pruning can certainly destroy the plant. Wrong methods expose the tree to pests and diseases, which eventually makes them infected and reduces their productivity along with their aesthetics.

Our team at Tree Kings offers solutions tailored to your situation after inspecting your palm trees. They are also affordable, so our customers do not have to worry about spending a hefty amount on palm trees removal or pruning. Our expert arborists know exactly what is right for your garden and trees.

Problem Palms

Our team of skilled climbers, pruners and loppers make sure we follow the right process while pruning your palm tree or removing the dead fronds. They ensure that every step is taken with utmost care to avoid harming the environment, tree, residents, and neighbourhood.

Palm Tree Care and Maintenance Experts in Melbourne

Our arborists deliver extensive services ranging from tree maintenance services to pruning and palm trees stump removal in Melbourne. Homeowners and business owners across Melbourne trust our palm tree services to strengthen their beautiful landscape.

At Tree Kings, we carefully diagnose the trees in your garden. Healthy and luscious palm leaves add charm to an estate. Keeping that in mind, our arborists in the city make sure that palms in your garden receive adequate resources to flourish and stay healthy.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced palm trees maintenance service providers
  • Provide brilliant and productive pruning and trimming service
  • Provide assistance to prevent growth of pests and diseases and how to end the infestation faster.
  • Provide efficient tree removal and relocation service
  • Stump grinding service to help remove stumps without causing much destruction
  • 24/7 helpline
  • Expert advice and guidance
  • Guaranteed workmanship with excellent services
  • Competitive prices with time efficient assistance

At Tree Kings, affordability and quality service go hand in hand.We are a customer-dedicated service with years of knowledge and proficiency in palm tree maintenance and care.


Taking care of palm trees is not easy. There is list of equipment and knowledge needed. Certain things that must be done to maintain good health of palm trees are:

  • Good soil to determine the right water and nutrients that reach the plant.
  • You can add mycorrhizal fungi for healthy soil.
  • Proper fertilisation with the help of specially formulated fertilisers.

Some issues like over-watering, insufficient water, missing key nutrients, sunburn, not enough sun, cold, and bugs can harm your palm trees.

Cutting off fronds without the help of a professional can do more harm than good. Trimming straight away is not a smart choice unless you have found the root cause of the damage.

Reasons to consider pruning your palm trees:

  • A palm tree has dying or dead fronds.
  • There are lot of dry fronds that can easily catch fire.
  • They overgrow to hinder driveways and crossways.
  • They become a threat nearby structures, power lines, and properties.
  • When you want to remove fruits or flowers.

Taking care of huge palm trees is not a DIY thing to do. Every palm tree is different depending upon its size, nature, and needs. This can only be done by specialists and expert arborists who are skilled in pruning, trimming, or removing the tree efficiently.

Professional help is crucial to maintain the health of your palm trees and keep your surroundings safe.

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