Tree Land Clearing Service in Melbourne

Land clearing is always a massive project whether you need a clear land for cultivation, excavation, construction, or just to level up the ground. Tree Kings in Melbourne has been the most popular service for the same.

For years, we have cleared lands for our clients efficiently. Though we have often come across a lot of risk factors while clearing the lands, especially if the land has been struck by some disaster or hazard.We have never given up on our job.

Being client dedicated for years, experts at Tree Kings have built an image of the most reliable land clearing tree service in Melbourne and nearby areas. At Tree Kings, we help with both residential and commercial purposes. Our skilled team is furnished with premium-quality equipment and machines.

We professionally carry out our job and use only state-of-the-art machinery such as mulchers and tree chippers to make the waste easy to handle. This green waste is further reused for mulch. We use only qualified tools like shredders, slashers, tree loppers, shredder mulchers, woodchippers etc. for the land clearing process.

Tree Stump Removal Services In Melbourne

We thoroughly remove all types of obstacles from the land to prepare it for the upcoming projects. For us, customer satisfaction is our topmost priority,so we ensure to serve exactly the way our client desires.

At Tree Kings, we deliver the most professional and affordable tree clearing service in and around the suburb of Melbourne. Furthermore, our experts provide customers with the best techniques that can be used in land clearing services in accordance with the type of land that needs to be cleared.

Why Is Land Clearing Done?

Land clearing is often done for various reasons:

  • To clear space for new construction and development projects.
  • To limit the spread of natural fires.
  • To develop the land for cultivation of crops and removal of pests.
  • To remove trees that have rotten, died, or have huge pest infestation.
  • To increase productivity on land
  • To protect residential habitats from structural hazards.

We are certified to take up a task as complex as land clearing. To ensure that the work is done abiding by the law, these projects need approval of the government since they are large-scale projects. Experts at Tree Kings take this stress on themselves to provide you a hassle-free service.

Why Choose Tree Kings for Land Clearing Service?

Certain abandoned lands tend to house wild species of plants and insects, which can become a threat for the environment and residents nearby. Certain terrains that can be used for other resourceful purposes also require land clearing. Thus, for such a task, we at Tree Kings are always ready to offer our assistance at an affordable price. Here are some reasons choosing us is the best option:

  • Years of experience
  • Qualified arborists with knowledge and skills
  • Competent service with competent prices
  • Heavy-duty and durable machinery
  • Excellent project planning
  • Time-efficient
  • Hassle-free service

4 Best Tree Land Clearing Techniques

Land clearing is an extensive process. Since not all lands are the same, there is a need to look for suitable techniques for different types of lands. To begin with we have :

  1. Cut and grind: A land that has small trees and plants is cleared using machinery to cut down all the trees and pile them up. Later all the stumps are removed using heavy duty machinery. Stumps can be mulched to spread all over the ground to increase productivity.
  2. Bulldozing: In this, a massive area is pushed using heavy bulldozers.This process keeps the roots in place. In this technique, large trees are pushed over simultaneously. This at times becomes destructive as it damages the wood and soil, decreasing the value of land and reusability of the wood.
  3. Pulling: This technique involves pulling of large trees by attaching the chains to the tree and tied with a tractor to apply force. This pressure helps in pulling off the tree from the land. This requires special chains and tractors along with skill.
  4. Pile and burn: This technique is often used by farmers where all the land matter is extracted, piled up, and burned together. This technique is old and has a lot of drawbacks. It produces a huge amount of pollution, disturbing nearby habitats and of course the environment.

Whatever your concern is, our team of experts at Tree Kings will help you deal with it in no time.

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This totally depends on the project. But in a general case scenario, we can clear up 1 to 3 acres of land in a day.

Yes, if you want us to let certain trees as it is, we can help you with that.

No, stump grinding is a crucial aspect of land clearing service.

No extra or hidden charges are included. You will just be charged for the service.

We usually harvest the trees to extract timber and most of the mulches go on the land for better production.

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