Affordable Stump Grinding Service in Melbourne

Trees that grow in unusual spaces can pave their ways to the foundation of nearby properties, in turn damaging and weakening the structure. The removal or relocation of these trees is significant. The process involves a lot of care and attention to avoid causing harm to the surroundings.

Stump grinding is also an important part of the tree removal service. Stumps are usually tripping hazards and make the premises look untidy. The space after the clean-up can be used for many other purposes.

If you have unpleasant tree stumps in your area that keep coming in your way, Tree Kings will help you remove it effectively and without much hassle. Our heavy-duty stump grinding machines can remove every type of stump from your area faster than ever.

Our expert team is fully equipped with the latest technology and knowledge to work on such projects. We perform stump grinding with utter care and without harming the productivity of the soil bed and visual appeal of the ground.

Stump Grinding Services In Melbourne

Stump grinding is a more profound process that cuts down underlying roots of a stump of a tree. In this process, the wood is cut in small pieces and chipped for useful purposes. This is done to free out space for any structure installation or new plantation. A tree surgeon works to remove the root after the tree has been removed to prevent the growth of pests and ants that can cause harm to the soil and the people living nearby.

Although stump grinding is a necessary and extensive process, Tree Kings in Melbourne offers it at an affordable price stump grinding service.

Why is Stump Grinding so crucial?

Even after the removal of the tree, stumps remain connected to the root system. Traditionally, to remove a stump, it is important to cut a bigger area than the stump to completely extract the roots from the ground, which usually requires a crane. This is an expensive process and creates a lot of mess around. It even causes a lot of damage to the garden bed. Choose the professionals at Tree Kings for affordable and hassle-free stump removal services.

The removal of stump is beneficial for many reasons like:

  • It gets rid of harmful pests and insects, which can otherwise ruin surroundings
  • It frees up more space for buildings and new plantation
  • Stump grinding rejuvenates the ground and increases productivity and growth for other plants
  • The wood chipped is usually used for other purposes
  • A diseased stump is unhealthy for its surrounding plants and trees

Opting for stump grinding means choosing affordability with less damage to the garden area.

Using State-of-the-Art Stump Grinders for Tree Stump Removal

Stump grinders used by the team Tree Kings are made up of premium- quality material. Their heavy-duty build allows easy and quick removal of large and old stumps and roots.

The stump grinder our professionals use has a large rotating disc that grinds and chips the stump into small pieces. Rest assured we do the task with diligence and care. We are available 24/7 for local stump grinding service in Melbourne.

Using State-of-the-Art Stump Grinders for Tree Stump Removal

  • Certified and insured to work in the local neighbourhood of Melbourne including the suburbs
  • Honest and reliable
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Excellent service and quality delivery of work
  • 24/7 service to help you deal with emergency situations
  • High-quality tools and equipment
  • Affordable prices


The cost is not standard and depends on the total size of the project.

Removing the stump can cause more damage as one will need to extract the roots by cutting a larger hole in the ground than the stump. This process requires huge machines and a lot of people, which is costly and consumes a lot of time.

Where as grinding of the stump is easier and requires less effort. This simply chips off the wood into small pieces to get away with the stump. This process involves less people, simple machinery and comes with an affordable price tag.

This depends on the species, seeking an arborists advice for the same is crucial. However, in most cases the regrowth is not possible through roots as they will not receive nutrients any further.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the grinding can take around 15 minutes to a couple of hours.

The roots in the ground need to decompose before planting new foliage. You can consult our arborist in this matter.

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